Bleep and Noo #4 – I’m still alive

Watch for the blind
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N* B? B? Are you awake?
B* Why the *bleep* do you ask?
N* Dunno. Maybe because I didn’t see you move for a while.
B* Maybe it’s because you’re blind, you *bleep*ing idiot!
N* I’m pretty sure I’m not blind, B.
B* Yeah, yeah, you’re right. It’s just me that didn’t *bleep*ing move, then?
N* I’d say that, yes.
B* You’ll say whatever you want when you’ll be able to get that blindness is not just some*bleep*ing condition of the eye, you moron!
N* … You’re right, B.
B* Of course, I am!
N* Of course, B…

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